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“As a 97 average student at Chaminade High School, I was rather embarrassed with myself when I received my first SAT score of a 1390. However, even though I told myself I needed to study (particularly for the Math section), I didn't. After my second SAT (in which I received a 1380), I knew that I needed to do something. After researching various SAT and ACT preps, I decided to go with Sage Test Prep. Needless to say, it was one of the wisest choices I had ever made. After about 4 months (3 sessions) of reviewing math, I was finally able to receive my dream score of a 1530. Of course, this was not due to my efforts alone. I would like to thank all of the staff at Sage Test Prep, especially Robyn and Jennifer, who both inspired me to keep going and helped me to reach all of my goals.
Thanks to the wonderful people over at Sage Test Prep, I was able to finally answer those "what did you get on the SAT?" questions with enthusiasm and some modicum of self-respect. So, for all of those looking for a SAT/ACT/general-tutoring place, look no further than Sage Test Prep. You will not be disappointed.”

D. Kim

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“Sage Prep is truly the best academy to enroll in to see results. The curriculum offered is taught by excellent teachers, and differs from every other academy in the test prep scenario. As a student in this prep, I enjoyed a rigorous yet enjoyable course there. During the course of the summer, I achieved a score boost due to the efforts of the faculty. What was once a score that would have barely gotten me into Brooklyn Tech, converted to one that allowed me to go to Stuyvesant. I even got into my top private school choice! As of now, I am enrolled in an online SAT class.
I am pleased to say that the quality of the lessons are just as excellent. The flexible schedule and the willing faculty go in depth to make sure nobody is left behind. Online classes are taught in an engaging manner, and the faculty employs means to make sure everyone is active and satisfied. Here, students learn how to study rather than just drilling themselves with the same problems. The addition of online classes has also allowed for students to make more comfortable arrangements as some cannot afford to come to the prep. All in all, so long as anybody follows the guidance of the faculty, there is a 100% chance that you will be capable of going anywhere and doing anything!”

M. Yam

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"Sage test prep is phenomenal in helping to improve your SAT test score or any test. My experiences show that by working and studying hard, achieving your dream score is possible, and of course this isn't done alone. You have the help of your teachers and staff members that are willing to advise you down the right path. This differs from many test preps, since most of the test preps that I have been to have just told me to do the packets they give me without any help or guidance. This is wasting time and money, Sage teachers are able to expand what I know on subject I am trying to improve on. I can comfortably recommend this to anyone and I am sure anyone who has gone there will agree."

A. Lee

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“I received one-on-one tutoring at Sage Prep for SAT II Chemistry and Physics. The teachers here are incredibly experienced and really care about you and your success. They helped me with test taking strategies and a full content review, providing me with lots of realistic practice questions and explanations. Over the course of a few months, I was able to reach my target scores (780+). I improved a lot because the teachers helped me every step of the way! Definitely recommend this learning center! ”